Ma facture, mon paiement - Mon suivi conso
Ma facture, mon paiement - Mon suivi conso

payer la derniere facture - mission impossible

I tried to call Orange and Sosh to pay my last facture but incompetent people told me I already paid, whereas I received a mail from sosh. But sosh does not offer the possibility to pay if you moved out of France and cannot call the 3976, well, I tried. I am sorry I want, but you don't let me pay!

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Hello @eppi,

In order to consult your file and to inform you knowing that I can not take into account your payment, thank you to indicate to me your details in private message:

Your first and last name


Mobile number

Client number



Emanuele Palescandolo

Chemin de pre de planche 216 02180 PrevessinMoens

0769874125 tel

1611001906 client #

Hello @eppi

depending on the number you have indicated, do you have a prepaid mobile line or a mobile line with a subscription?



I had a subscription to forfait plan